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    Personalized Coordinators for Customized Solutions  

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We are personalized organizers for customized solutions in the field of travels, holidays and MICE requirements and we help our clients make informed decisions in terms of their travel, holidays & event plans. We are associated with professionals from the respective fields who have immense experience to fulfill the clients requirements as per their budget and lifestyle needs. We have good contacts with reputed hotels and resorts, service providers, IATA travel agencies, tour operators, event management companies and exhibition organizers, motivational and soft skill trainers, health and wellness providers etc.

We specialize in domestic & international customized short breaks of 3 nights / 4 days hotel packages in hill station, beaches, adventure or scenic destinations. We specialize in promoting and marketing only 3* 4* 5* & 7* hotel and resort properties, boutique hotels, fort & palace hotels, luxury cruise liners etc. We also market various beach resorts, mountain / hill-station resorts, jungle, wildlife & adventure resorts, games & water park resorts at domestic and international destinations. We also conduct customized events at such destinations on special request as per customers budget and lifestyle.

We organize conferences, seminars, exhibitions and events like birthday parties, mehndi and sangeet parties, marriage anniversaries, celebration of success?s & promotions, boat parties, theme parties, lifestyle parties with DJ?s, fire eaters and pole dancer?s or engagement ceremonies in hill stations, beach resorts or aboard yachts etc. Also conducting health-rejuvenating camps, educational camps for all ages, yoga and pranayam programs, motivational training courses conducted by experienced professionals of various field?s etc.

We are also associated with Film Units, 3D Animation, Advertising / TV / Radio and Print media. We are associated with professional production houses who produce a variety of films for corporate clients. The creative teams associated with Pavan Lifestyles have immense expertise in making corporate films and suggests concepts after understanding the requirements of the corporate clients. The films produced are high in quality and use a variety of methods to tell a clients story using innovative shoots, post production, graphics & the best voice over artists along with good music. The films are in different formats as per clients requirements and are of varying duration to ensure that viewer interest is maintained.

We can also offer our services to our clients on a fixed monthly retainership basis. This will help you get more mileage in terms of quality of service as you will be dealing with one company to take care of all your requirements as well as one who understands your needs well rather then depend on your own employees who will have to search for information and waste man hours in the process which otherwise can be utilized for more gainful purposes. Instead of depending on different people to give you information and coordinate your itinerary would it not be better if you outsource your requirement to one company to take care of all your needs and provide you a service with transparent pricing without compromising on the quality.

Give us an opportunity to serve you and you will find it simpler to deal with one company for all your travels, holidays, events, organizational development, health & wellness needs. Do let us know of your requirements and allow us to present you our solutions for the same.