ARK Corporate Services

  Employee improvement is corporate wellbeing 

Corporate Image improvement programmes

ISO Certification

Auditing and Certification programme’s in ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14000, ISO 27000 and Business Continuity.

Also conducting training programmes to bring the companies up to a certain level so as to qualify for the certification by recognized bodies worldwide and certification is given on the status attained. The training programmes are on the following……..

Organizational Development Services

1] Organizational surveys

(climate survey, employee-satisfaction survey, communication survey, salary survey,

employee turnover survey, career growth potential survey, organizational structure


2] Organizational diagnosis on a variety of matters

3] Training-need identification

4] Extended HR (Human Relationship) for employees’ family / society

5] Psychological counseling and guidance services for employees’ emotional stability

stress management etc.

6] Psychologists’ attendance on important job interview panel

7] Performance appraisals

8] Assessment center / mini assessment center

9] Organizational behavior consultancy

10] Psychometric testing and profiling

11] Relationship enrichment outings

12] Outsourcing of HR services


Do let me know of your requirements and allow me to present you my solutions for the same.