ARK Corporate Services

  Employee improvement is corporate wellbeing 

Conferences & Seminars held on the following.......

Training programs offered on topics like:

1] Team building

2] Leadership and Teamwork

3] Leadership Development

4] Interpersonal Relations

5] Communication Skills

6] Organizational Relationship Enrichment

7] Management of People

8] Psychology for Managers and Leaders

9] Grooming for First Contact People

10] People Skills for Sales People

11] Change Management

12] Stress Management

14] Training the Trainer

15] Recruitment and Retention

Unlock Your Unlimited Potential

1] Managing Stress

2] Personality Development

3] Creativity, Problem Solving and Thinking Skills

4] Decision Making

5] Vision and Goal Setting Workshop

6] Time Management

7] Effective Delegation

8] Personal and Professional Mastery through NLP

9] Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

10] Success Strategies of High Achievers

11] Development Workshop for Secretaries / PA’s/EA’s.

12] Managerial Effectiveness

13] Staying Motivated and Performing in Challenging Times

14] Strategies of Outstanding Performers

Communication Skills

1] Excellence in Communication Skills

2] Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

3] Excellence in Business Writing

4] Fast Reading and Memory Efficiency

5] Listening and Counseling Skills

6] Writing Readable Business / Technical Reports

People Skills

1] Improving Interpersonal Relationships,

2] Assertiveness and Management of Conflicts

3] How to Motivate and Energise Your People

4] Influencing and Leading with Emotional Intelligence

5] Enhancing Team Performance and Team Building

6] Leadership Skills

7] Mentoring for Developing Your People

8] Training the Trainer